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Forward motion at high any speed

Hilma is the performance running shoe brand that’s made for adventures of every size.

From ultramarathons to walks in the park, Hilmas were built and tested for going places. Traditional running shoe brands expect you to fit them, but that didn’t feel right for us. That’s why we spent more than 3 years developing and testing Hilmas to be sure we were bringing out a truly technical running shoe for every woman.

We believe that shoe buying should be as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. Less trial and error means more time for activities, and we love that for you.

Woman Running in Pink Hilma Running Shoes
A pair of Stellar Blue Hilma running shoes
A pair of Stellar Blue Hilma running shoes
A pair of Stellar Blue Hilma running shoes

Hilma's Promises

Comfort starts with fit, but it doesn’t stop there. Hilmas are lightweight, breathable, offer a secure fit and great grip on everything from the roads to your favorite moderate trail.
Whether you’re just discovering where you’ll go or the marathon has called to you again, Hilmas were made and tested on people like you.
The Hilma team knows a thing or two about running shoes. Together, we brought more than 50 years of industry expertise at some of the world’s biggest brands. But don’t worry - that didn’t stop us from creating something truly new and built for you.
Woman Wearing Sandstone Hilma Running Shoes

We Think Outside the (Shoe) Box

Multi-dimensional sizing sounds complicated, but it just makes sense. Imagine if bra companies made just one cup size and your only option was band length. That’s basically how sneaker sizing has worked for decades. While most brands only offer variations in length, our personalized fit also includes foot shape, a first in the industry.

You might know that women’s fits have historically been an afterthought, and that bummed us out too. Our fits aren’t just smaller versions of men’s fit, so we worked with expert last makers and an incredible team of footwear experts to consider and dial in multiple fits that work for women’s true needs.

But we didn’t just hang out in the development studio with Hilmas. Hilmas were tested on runners with different feet, bodies, paces and ages. We tested at ultramarathons, on pregnant runners, at concerts and coffee walks. And now we can’t wait to hear what you think.

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